PVC Reuse is a island-wide Cyprus based service. Our team collects mixed PVC used for tents, kiosks and banners such as those used in the outdoor advertising industry.


Used PVC material is collected from your business location by our team. The material is then exported or locally treated for reuse purposes such as the creation of retail products. This in turn prevents the used material from becoming disposable waste that when not properly disposed of can become an environmental hazard.

Upon collection, the business will be provided by PVC Reuse's certified partners with certification of the amount of PVC waste collected (in terms of units or weight). After collection, PVC Reuse will issue the company and/or business with a fiscal return (payment) for the material provided.   


For more information, please get in touch with our team via our contact page.

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Your PVC 
(banners, tents etc) for cash
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